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ill try to keep updating the current screen shots whenever i update the site... i want to update this site at least once a week from now on, but i dont know what will happen... each screenshot is 800x600, which is the resolution my game is at... i had each screenshot load into a blank window so people with their screen set at 800x600 can pretty much see the whole thing... the only part you should miss is the couple of pixels at the bottom because of the title bar, but dont worry... theres nothing down there right now anyways...

July 10, 2001 (A)
July 10, 2001 (B)

June 23, 2001 (A)
June 23, 2001 (B)

June 17, 2001 (A)
June 17, 2001 (B)

June 12, 2001 (A)
June 12, 2001 (B)

June 10, 2001 (A)
June 10, 2001 (B)

May 25, 2001 (A)
May 25, 2001 (B)

no navigation bar on the left?... trapped in someone elses frames?... just curious as to what this does?... hurry up and and click here...