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newest demo uploaded on June 23, 2001

once you download this, email me... report bugs, praise me on my brillance, tell me how horribly ive disgraced the bomberman series... whatever, just give me feedback on how im coming so far...

youll need an expander program, such as WinZip or Stuffit, to unzip this demo... both companies support free expanders, so you wont have to pay a thing...


  • DirectX 7 or higher
  • Windows 98 or higher... but i dunno how well it will work with winME
  • 16 million colors capable monitor & video card
  • 800x600 resolution capable monitor & video card
  • a somewhat decent computer
  • if your not sure if your computer will support this demo, try it anyways... its not like its going to blow it up or anything...

    download the demo here

    no navigation bar on the left?... trapped in someone elses frames?... just curious as to what this does?... hurry up and and click here...